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Oxtail Bourguignon to die for

This is the best oxtail bourguignon recipe that creates the hearty sensation from this ultimate comfort food.

Oxtail Bourguignon is a classic dish, where you have the delicious oxtail and Burgundy wine mixed well together- not from a food and wine pairing!


It’s not about the precision in measuring your ingredients- follow your heart and taste.





Ginger (slices)


Wild mushroom

Crimini mushroom



Chives (garnish)


Porterhouse mix


Beef stock

Bay leaves

Flour (about 2 cups)


Sake (cooking wine)

One bottle of Bourgogne red wine

Special tool:

Instant pot

Cooking Steps

Soak oxtails with ginger and sake in cold water for at least 5 hours, to get rid of the blood within the meat and create a more pure taste.

Sauté bay leaves, onion, ginger and garlic in butter till aroma comes out. Mix steak spices, flour and oxtail together (dry), and sear oxtails in the aromatic butter mix.

Transfer to a deeper pot (you could use instant pot sauté function at this point), add all other ingredients other than carrots together. With the sauté function on, and ingredients start bubbling, pour in the full bottle of Bourgogne wine. Allow it to bubble and boil to get the alcohol out of the mix- stir well. Add salt to taste.

Set your instant pot to meat/stew for 40 mins, and open and check consistency of the stock mix. If it doesn’t have a thicker consistency, add some flour to the mix. The oxtail should be soft but not fall of the bone at this point.

Turn on slow cook function, add carrots and set this dish aside for 10 hours. You will have an amazing dish afterwards. Garnish with chives after plating. Recommend to eat with baguette.

Wine pairing

This dish will satisfy you in any occasion. Pair it with a glass of Burgundy and it will give you the relaxation you need at the end of day. Note that you can also substitute oxtail with beef ribeye chunks for this dish.


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